Hermes Consulting is a dynamic Nigerian promoted healthcare management consulting firm offering the following specialised services:


Health Financing advisory

Assisting the public and private healthcare sectors to raise debt and equity capital for new healthcare projects and expansion of existing ones.


Health Insurance consultancy

Providing technical and project management support to Governments, corporate bodies and developmental agencies towards running community health insurance schemes as well as health insurance schemes targeted at the poor.


Capacity building and training for the healthcare sector

Supporting Governments, healthcare providers and personnel in the areas of quality improvement, health financing and business management. This is provided through designing and facilitating a wide range of workshops, seminars and courses.


Healthcare Business Development

Conducting market intelligence research, business planning and strategy development for investors in Nigeria’s healthcare sector. Clientele serviced include Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Health Insurers, Health Financiers and International Development Agencies.


Hospital Planning and Operations Management advisory

End to end hospital planning and operations management services during the pre and post construction phases of hospital projects. These include concept planning; clinical strategy formulation; clinical quality management, equipment planning and procurement; project management; financial management and operations management services.


International Medical Tourism Facilitation

Facilitating the movement of patients from Nigeria overseas for the purpose of medical care. Through our alliances with leading international hospitals, we currently facilitate medical tourism to Turkey, Jordan, Germany, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom and India.